[ 01-Spe-06 ] MOTOR BETA UPDATE : Motor v1.1.0b4 (Beta4)

Dear xxx,

Thank you again for participating in the motor beta programme and welcome to all the new participants.

I am sure you will all be glad to know that our CEO, Allan Jaenicke, has extended the motor beta license to the end of November 2006. Read the section on licensing for more detail.

NOTE: For production purposes be sure to run motor in Soho and not LE mode (Learning Edition). Contact us for assistance with license installation if you need. (LE projects can not be opened in Full Production Soho mode, for obvious reasons.)


Jay Cornelius
Imagineer Systems Ltd

Image: http://www.imagineersystems.com/images/ImagineerSystemsThinBanner.gif Content Summary:

  • Download & Installation
  • Licensing (IMPORTANT)
  • Release Notes - Beta 4
  • Monet Update version
  • Screen Recordings
  • Motor Background Information

*Download and Installation *Image: http://www.imagineersystems.com/images/ImagineerSystemsThinBanner.gif
motor can be downloaded via the links below:
motor for Windows (http://www.imagineersystems.com/downloads/motor/MotorV1.1.0-beta4.exe)
motor for Mac OS X (http://www.imagineersystems.com/downloads/motor/MotorV1.1.0b4.dmg) (Universal)
motor for Linux (http://www.imagineersystems.com/downloads/motor/MotorV1.1.0-Beta4.i386.rpm)

Please refer to *monet guide (http://www.imagineersystems.com/downloads/monet/MonetGuide.pdf) for detailed installation instructions.

Please Note: *Beta 4 can open project files from earlier versions, however once the project has been saved you will not be able to run the project on earlier versions.

We strongly advise that you make backup copies of your existing files in case you want to revert to Beta3 .

*Image: http://www.imagineersystems.com/images/ImagineerSystemsThinBanner.gif
Download the latest cross platform license, which you are free to use for commercial applications, for use during beta programme, valid until 01 December 2006.

License (http://www.imagineersystems.com/downloads/motor/license.dat)

To install the license, open the license.dat file, select and copy the text. For Windows and Linux, launch motor, go to Help / View License, paste the text. For Mac OS X, copy license.dat file into Motor.app package Contents.

*Release Notes: motor v1.1 beta 4 *Image: http://www.imagineersystems.com/images/ImagineerSystemsThinBanner.gif
This is the first public release of motor however some of you will be familiar with monet and mokey and hence the following changes should be noted:

** Insert point mode hotkey (i or Insert) now shown in Tools menu

  • Hotkeys for pan/zoom/translate/rotate/scale (x/z/q/w/e) tools now shown in Tools menu.
  • Fixed undo rendering for interlaced projects.
  • Fixed the Layers to Render list so that if it is pulled off the main GUI it doesn’t become empty.
  • Surface has now been included under View Controls for Track smoothing purposes.

** Clip and Lens tabs have been combined.

*Layers Controls & Properties:
** Layers now do not automatically attach on creation. You need to use the Attach Layer tool.

  • Colouring of layers now clearer. Layer colours are now stored in the project file.
  • Layer Colours are indicated in Layer Controls menu.
  • International characters now work in layer names.
  • You can no longer delete a locked layer!
  • Copying a layer doesn’t now crash the application if the layer is not completely tracked.
  • Fixed occasional problem that layer control points could become corrupted when creating or manipulating a contour.
  • Made keyframe markers brighter to aid visibility.
  • Fixed layer In/Out point behaviour and added set and reset buttons.* The Layers Module/Tab no longer exists, as all layer properties have been broken out to specific panels.
  • Layer key frames are indicated by red triangles at the bottom of Timeline.
  • Instead of key-framing layer On/Off we have now included a In/Out point property, effectively setting a range per layer on the timeline.
  • This is now a Layer Controls menu similar to layer menus in various compositing applications. Allowing control of visibility, render and lock/unlocking.
  • In order to track a layer, select the specific layer and start tracking. Ensure that Render is not enabled on any other layers, as all Render enabled layers are tracked, unless they are locked, regardless of the layers selected.
  • At present, the selected layer will track regardless whether Render is enabled or not. We are not sure if the majority of users will prefer this or whether the Render enabled/disabled button should override, please give us your input.

Keyframe controls:

  • Select Track, in order to control Tracking keyframes. (Green Dots - Top)
  • Select Layer, in order to control Layer keyframes. (Red Triangles - Bottom)


  • You can now drag a box around points in the trace and then smooth
    out the tracking in the selected frames, using a new “Smooth Selected
    Frames” button.
  • Fixed Fusion tracking export, which sometimes had blank keyframe
  • Shapes can be exported to Shake, Discreet GMask and Flame Action Script.

Mac OS X:

  • This version of Motor is a Universal binary


  • At present the new motor files can not be opened using monet, mokey or ealier versions of motor, due to the file formats being slightly different. This will be corrected before the final release.

*Monet Update version 2.0.4
*Image: http://www.imagineersystems.com/images/ImagineerSystemsThinBanner.gif

As we have recommended in the past, monet is ideal for understanding our planar tracker, please be sure to download the latest version from our website.

*Screen Recordings
*Image: http://www.imagineersystems.com/images/ImagineerSystemsThinBanner.gif

Current motor recordings:

0100_Motor_GUI (ftp://motor:555mot66@ftp.imagineersystems.com/../Motor_beta_recordings/0100_Motor_GUI.mp4)

0101_Motor_Preferences (ftp://motor:555mot66@ftp.imagineersystems.com/../Motor_beta_recordings/0101_Motor_Preferences.mp4)

0001_Motor_and_Monet_Projects (ftp://motor:555mot66@ftp.imagineersystems.com/../Motor_beta_recordings/0001_Motor_and_Monet_Projects.mp4)

0002_Motor_Combined_Planes (ftp://motor:555mot66@ftp.imagineersystems.com/../Motor_beta_recordings/0002_Motor_Combined_Planes.mp4)

Direct link to the recordings directory:

Please feel free to monitor this directory for new recordings.

Helpful Monet recordings:

If you are not yet familiar with, or need a refresher on, the planar tracker, please study the following videos on motor’s sister product monet:

Planar tracker:
USP_PlanarTracker_Rotating_Zooming_Walkway.mp4 (http://www.imagineersystems.com/products/monet/USP_PlanarTracker_Rotating_Zooming_Walkway.mp4)

Toolset_Rotoscoping.mp4 (http://www.imagineersystems.com/products/monet/Toolset_Rotoscoping.mp4)

*Background (for Newbies)
*Image: http://www.imagineersystems.com/images/ImagineerSystemsThinBanner.gif
The idea behind motor is to speed up the rotoscoping process by combining Imagineer’s unique planar tracker with a great rotoscoping toolset. This combination of technologies should allow you to rotoscope faster as more elements can be tracked, requiring fewer keyframes.