[ 03-Aug-06 ] Motor_v1.1.0b3

** Insert point mode hotkey (i or Insert) now shown in Tools menu

  • Hotkeys for pan/zoom/translate/rotate/scale (x/z/q/w/e) tools now shown in Tools menu.
  • Fixed undo rendering for interlaced projects.
  • Fixed the Layers to Render list so that if it is pulled off the main GUI it doesn’t become empty.
  • Surface has now been included under View Controls for Track smoothing purposes.

*Layers Controls & Properties:
** Layers now do not automatically attach on creation. You need to use the Attach Layer tool.

  • Colouring of layers now clearer. Layer colours are now stored in the project file.
  • Layer Colours are indicated in Layer Controls menu.
  • International characters now work in layer names.
  • You can no longer delete a locked layer!
  • Copying a layer doesn’t now crash the application if the layer is not completely tracked.
  • Fixed occasional problem that layer control points could become corrupted when creating or manipulating a contour.
  • Made keyframe markers brighter to aid visibility.
  • Fixed layer In/Out point behaviour and added set and reset buttons.


  • You can now drag a box around points in the trace and then smooth
    out the tracking in the selected frames, using a new “Smooth Selected
    Frames” button.
  • Fixed Fusion tracking export, which sometimes had blank keyframe
  • Shapes can be exported to Shake, Discreet GMask and Flame Action Script.

Mac OS X:

  • This version of Motor is a Universal binary


*Please Note: *Beta 4 can open project files from earlier versions, however once the project has been saved you will not be able to run the project on earlier versions.

We strongly advise that you make backup copies of your existing files in case you want to revert to Beta3.