10 BIT DPX Work Around

I receive 10 BIT DPX files and we need to deliver back the finish VFX with 10BIT DPX Files. Since you cannot out put 10 BIT DPX files from Mocha Pro what can I do to have a final out put of 10BIT DPX files. Im using the removal tool to remove tracking marks and I do have After Effects CS6. After effects can not import the 16BIT DPX file from Mocha

Anyone able to find a work around?

If I do all that will I loose quality in PIcture?

I would suggest rendering to TIF instead, which After Effects supports a greater bit range for, then rendering your final result in After Effects as DPX.

If you are planning to render finals via After Effects, I wouldn’t think so, or are you talking about final deliverables to After Effects?