100% wondering! HELP please

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

I kept going with the new Mocha course and in the attached video,
i managed to stick the mocha logo to the wall, despite the woman with the bag crossing the screen.

Now i have two question:

  1. I have tried (you can see on the video) to track the license plate of the car.
    By putting the license plate layer under the layer of the woman with the bag,
    so the license plate layer will “ignore” the layer of the woman with bag and keep tracking.


an alert popped out on the screen.

  1. In the tutorial Ben says that the woman with the pink dress is on the same plane of the walls, so i marked the head of the girl and linked it to the track of the wall plane, but it seems it doesn’t respond at all!

Any suggestion?

Here is what i did:

For the woman, she’s also walking, so she’s not moving the same as the wall. When you link that shape to the wall what you end up with is a motion that matches the wall and that looks like it’s working exactly how you’re telling it to. You might need to hand animate a couple of frames to have it follow her head. Or you can try tracking her head by itself and manual tracking past the occlusion.

For the license plate, you’re completely running out of texture to track. So you can either add an x-spline to the shape and track another part of the car temporarily to get past the occlusion of the foreground walker and then delete it, or you can and make the shape larger, or you can use manual track.

Can you try any of those things let me know if they work for you? I’ll rewatch this video and see if I can find where the disconnect is.


Is that what you ment?

I find it very difficult to track manually,
The gap between the first head tracking>woman with bag crossing the screen>and then i need to track her head again and put the xspline exactly where it was on her head before the woman occlusion.

About the license plate car, its impossible to make the shape larger or to add xspline to tnother part of the car cause when the woman crossing she “hide” the car all at once!

I would just use manual track to get past them if you are having trouble. To make it easy, you can just find a landmark with the surface tool center or the four corners of the surface tool, turn on manual track, and on the next frame where you can see the head OR the license plate, you can just animate the surface tool to the landmark and keep tracking. Manual tracking can save so much headache for shots with occlusion.

Ok done, is this what you meant?

Exactly that! Yes. :slight_smile: Nice work!