1080i 59.94 footage problems


I know I brought this up in the past… I am in a 1080i 59.94 project on the latest Avid MC.
I have a simple insert, I set up the Mocha Project correctly as interlace, track worked great, result looks good in Mocha interface BUT when I render in Avid the insert is moving up and down and isn’t usable.

My solution was to flip the project to 1080p 29.97 reader a mix down and then flip the project back to 1080i.

Is this the best way or am I missing something?



This is correct, Mocha Pro doesn’t render interlaced footage well inside of Avid, so we don’t support it in Avid.


Tal, another option here is to render the project inside of the Mocha interface and export it out as 1080i (File>export clip). Then exit Mocha and import/link the render back into a bin. This saves the step of bringing it into another sequence.

Mocha Pro plug-in in Avid will render fields internally but currently will not do the field render back to Avid host.


I will try again tomorrow to export from Mocha, when I tried it yesterday there was a big issue of the export window and then the QT window opening in the BG of the interface and disappearing to a point they are not accessible.

I’ll test and report back.



Hi Ross and Mary,

I really think this needs to be resolved, I am finding myself with 40-100 comps per show and would really love to have the Mocha just work as it is for any progressive format. Last season the show was 1080p 23.98 and I used Mocha for it constantly, but sadly the network wants studio shows to be shot in native broadcast format of 1080i 59.94.

Very much appreciated.



I’ll let the dev team know, it’s definitely an often requested feature request.