[ 15-Sep-06 ] Motor Beta [mini:update]

Dear Jay,

We thought you would like to be one of the first to know that we are in the process of setting up a new training section (Boris FX | Videos) on our website at Boris FX | Videos

Currently we only have a dozen motor and monet recordings listed but new recordings are being added weekly.

Note that the monet QuickTime recordings have chapter menus to allow you to navigate recordings easily. Once motor is released we will finalise motor recordings and add chapters.

Those of you that have been testing motor for a while will have noticed the GUI changes in Beta4. Please refer to the “motor gui (v1.1.0 beta4)” recording that gives you an overview of the changes.


Jay Cornelius
Imagineer Systems Ltd

*Bits ‘n’ Bobs (A bit of feedback / news from the group)
Image: http://www.imagineersystems.com/images/ImagineerSystemsThinBanner.gif (http://www.imagineersystems.com/images/ImagineerSystemsThinBanner.gif)


BMW Precipice (www.syndicate.tv (http://www.syndicate.tv/)) :

* (http://www.imagineersystems.com/images/ImagineerSystemsThinBanner.gif)Image: http://www.imagineersystems.com/images/ImagineerSystemsThinBanner.gif (http://www.imagineersystems.com/images/ImagineerSystemsThinBanner.gif)
Excerpt Icommag.com (full article - http://www.icommag.com/production-news.html (http://www.icommag.com/production-news.html))
"With the timetable to execute the spot trimmed in half to just three weeks, Grossmann opted to use Motor, beta software from Imagineer Systems, which enabled The Syndicate to significantly speed the rotoscoping process. Based on an advanced method of predictive rotoscoping, Motor is “extremely fast and efficient,” Grossmann reports. He tested a 100-frame shot whose hand rotoscoping required setting 88 key frames; Motor required just four. Hand rotoscoping the sequence took one day while Motor zipped through it in four minutes. - Ben Grossman (http://www.syndicate.tv/) "

Exporting Masks:
Image: http://www.imagineersystems.com/images/ImagineerSystemsThinBanner.gif (http://www.imagineersystems.com/images/ImagineerSystemsThinBanner.gif)

Q: About gmask export and combustion, when when I import into combustion, I see 2 masks (the gmask and the blur mask), usually, we need only one. Is there any reason to have 2 masks?A: There is an option in Motor to displace the layer shape based on the motion, which generates an extra edge shape. This is why we export both. But if both curves are identical we should probably only export one.
Q: The color is 128 instead of 255, that can be confusing
A: I’ve changed the export to use 255.

Q: When importing gmasks, they are converted to bezier shapes but there are bspline in combustion4. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there something to do to have bsplines?
A: At the moment we only export Bezier splines, there is no b-spline option.

-Nick Molton - Imagineer Systems / Motor Dev Team

*GUI Display: *
(http://www.imagineersystems.com/images/ImagineerSystemsThinBanner.gif)Image: http://www.imagineersystems.com/images/ImagineerSystemsThinBanner.gif (http://www.imagineersystems.com/images/ImagineerSystemsThinBanner.gif)

Q: My G4 17" laptop, I can’t see the play controls. the main comp window extends to the bottom of the screen. doing a make all controls visible doesn’t do anything useful to get the play controls back, but the main window on the bottom for track & clips is visible. screen res is 1440X900. However, I just discovered, if I send the main window down into the dock and re-open it, I get the PB controls back. odd ! I can then move a pane over, and resize it so it all fits. not ideal, but workable.
A: The minimum res requirements are 1152x864, so you should be fine on 1440x900.
Interesting that Docking seems to help fit panels…

One major change (Beta4) , is the new View options.
A brief outline on new View options. (Also refer to the "motor (http://www.imagineersystems.com/training/motor/) gui v1.1.0 beta4 (http://www.imagineersystems.com/training/motor/)" recording)

  • Go to the View menu (Top menus)
  • You will see we have not got 3 layouts that can be customised.
  • Shortcut – Ctrl+1,2,3
  • Parameters can now also be closed!

    Please send feedback on these new options.

Play a little with the new options and as suggested when things still do not fit, try docking motor and opening it again. (Windows - Launch preferences and close preferences.)
- Jay Cornelius Imagineer Systems / Motor Dev Team

*Recent Bugs:
* (http://www.imagineersystems.com/images/ImagineerSystemsThinBanner.gif)Image: http://www.imagineersystems.com/images/ImagineerSystemsThinBanner.gif (http://www.imagineersystems.com/images/ImagineerSystemsThinBanner.gif)
*Surface / Grid Activation:
The surface grids only activates / aligns to the surface when a layer is switched off?
It should function exactly as in monet and mokey.

Workaround - Select Modify Range on Keyframe Controls and toggle switching the layer Off/On on Layer Controls.
This bug will be fixed on the next build, sorry for the inconvenience.
- Jay Cornelius Imagineer Systems / Motor Dev Team

Help / Manual Guide Not Launching on F1 - OSX only:
When selecting to view the manual - Help/Manual F1 (currently still the monet guide) nothing happens.

In the meantime please manually monet (http://www.imagineersystems.com/downloads/monet/MonetGuide.pdf) guide (http://www.imagineersystems.com/downloads/monet/MonetGuide.pdf).
( http://www.imagineersystems.com/downloads/monet/MonetGuide.pdf )
Apologies for the inconvenience.

- Jay Cornelius Imagineer Systems / Motor Dev TeamMotor Beta [mini:update] 15-Sep-06