[ 16-Feb-07 ] Motor Release Candidate available!

Motor release candidate available!
Imagineer Systems is happy to announce the immediate availability of Motor Release Candidate 1 (RC1) for PC and Linux (Mac to be released within a few weeks). We have been hard at work for several months, adding all those features you’ve been asking for, as well as a few of our own. We’re nearly finished with Motor, and wanted to you to have one last look at it before we release the efforts of our work to the world.

New Features added to the Motor RC1:
A Curve Editor- At long last, Imagineer gets a curve editor. Go ahead, tweak your keyframes to your hearts content.
A Bezier Spline- In addition to our X-Splines, you can *now *rotoscope with traditional Bezier spline tools.
Improved Motion Blur- You may render out your splines with Motion Blur, based either on Tracking data and/or Spline motion.
Keyframe by Point or Shape- Some prefer to keyframe individual points on a spline. Others prefer a keyframe be set by the spline. You can now do either!
Tracking Improvements- The planar tracker has been optimized and will now track faster than ever before.
Improved Matte Blending- You can now Add, Subtract and Invert your Matte states.
Shake-style Tangent Control- Some people prefer to work with Bezier splines like in Shake. You can now work this way in Motor if you prefer. Hey, we try to please!
Colorized Matte View- You can view your mattes several different ways. A new Colorize Matte View draws your mattes as translucent colored overlays.
Uberkey- Sort of like Autokey, but much more powerful. Similar to the old Modify Range button.
Translation Overlays- Slick new overlays indicate what kinds of changes you’re making when you Translate, Rotate and Scale your Control Points.
Contextual Menus- In the canvas are new Right-click contextual overlays.

The final release for Motor will be February 28th. We are planning on a simultaneous PC/Mac/Linux release but please keep in touch for details regarding each specific platform’s availability.

We realize your Beta licenses will expire 16-Feb-07, so we’ve put up an additional 2 week license which you can use with your existing Beta or with the Release Candidate. Please download the license file and copy it into your Imagineer license folder as soon as possible.

Download the RC1 installers and documentation from the usual download section on Boris FX | Downloads


You said something about a mac release today? and the anouncement said something about 28th being the release date for motor. Are we there yet?

Thank you

Hi Jay

didn’t realize the RC1 was in the wild… no email about it. actually today I have no incoming email at all as the ISP is having a server meltdown :frowning:

so I’ll give the PC version a run… thanks

Steve oakley