[ 16-Feb-07 ] Motor V1.1.0 RC1 (Release Candidate)

*Release Note RN 00010 16- FEB -2007 *

This is the release note for Motor version 1.1.0 RC1. The release is a full install kit for the Linux and Windows platform and comes pre-built with the free Learning edition license. The Learning edition license is valid for six months and is due to expire on the 16th of July 2007.

1.1 Release Description
This release is a release candidate for Motor version 1.1.0. The release encompasses
several new major features including the Curve Editor

1.2 File Version Changes
Below is a list of the files and their version numbers. The list details each release for
the independent platforms.

File Name Version Comment
MotorV1.1.0RC1.exe 1.1.0 Executable for Windows
MotorV1.1.0RC1.rpm 1.1.0 Rpm for Linux

New Features Introduced
The focus of this release was to introduce the Motor Curve editor

Major New Features
• Curve Editor
• UberKey
• Bezier Splines
• Blend Mode to Add or Subtract Layer

Minor New Features
• Single Tri-State Button for Layers
• Single Tri-State button for mattes
• Single Tri-State Button for Weights
• Track matte view
• Lock tangents button for Bezier splines
• Colorize matte preview option
• Layer invert option
• Spline/Point Keyframe Control
• New layer colour scheme

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