20% cpu usage while encoding from premier pro or AME

Hello guys!

I got brand new beast pc and during work everything is more than perfect. I don’t have any kind of slow performance issues (during the working process), but when it comes to the encoding part… well… things get a bit strange. I just finished my latest music video. 5 minutes long and my timeline have around 30 dynamic links to AE for basic smoke compositing. (Very basic masks, combined with “set matte” and “shift chanels”). The masks i made are with “Mocha pro”. On the other hand i made, a lot of “beauty retouch” with “Mocha” on something like 40 clips. (In total) . But even thought during the editing process i got no issues, everything went suprisingly smooth.

Premiere uses 100% CPU and, a lot of percents GPU, around 40-80%(seeing this for the first time, but newest “nvidia driver 419” seems to be the reason) during the encoding process, my RAM ussage goes maximum to 40GB but that performance applys only for the simple media. Where theres only pretty much only LUT’s applied to that footage. When it gets to the point of encoding the dynamic link, or footage that Mocha were applied (in general) i see how my performance drasticly drops down. CPU - 10-15% and GPU bearly 1-2% and my RAM drops down to 15-20GB. There’s no difference if i do the encoding over “Premiere” or “Media encoder”. I even tried to use “Render and replace” for all my dynamic links but there was no difference.

PC specs :

CPU : Intel core i9 9900K octa core 3.5/5.0 turbo boost

GPU : Nvidia GTX 970 Gygabite windforce 3.5GB (with newest driver)

RAM : 64 GB (4x16) Crucial ballistix sport 2666mhz (Adobe programs are configurated to use 60 GB)

SSD 1 : Samsung 970 NvMe evo plus 250 GB - For OS and programs

SSD 2 : Samsung 970 NvMe evo plus 500 GB - Separate drive only for adobe media cache. and project files.


Motherbord : Intel Z390 AORUS ULTRA

PSU : EVGA 850 B3

OS : Windows 10 Home edition, with most recent update. / My power plan is set to “High performance”.

We have definitely seen some premiere rendering slowness, can you make sure you are on the latest update of Mocha? We should have addressed some GPU issues in the most recent build that might help with some of the slowness you are experiencing.

Let me know?


Another thing to note is that when possible, you should covert your Mocha Pro masks to native AE masks for rendering speed.