2021.5 Final version Strange behaviour

Machine I 9990 K (driver
Nvidia 2060 Super (driver 462.59)
Windows 10 Pro
Vegas Pro 18 OFX

I tested a bit and saw the strange behaviour in the ‘Advanced mode’ of Title Studio.

The example lower third is as should be in ‘Browser mode’ and back in ‘Vegas Pro mode’.

In the ‘Advanced mode’ is only a piece of the lower third showing up!

See the pictures.


Hi Weil,

I think sometimes the Composite Window in TS can become confused - perhaps you could try setting the zoom for the Comp Window to a lower value to see if this will refresh the display.


Ok Peter, I Will try it this evening. In the beta all was OK.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Wiel Gulpen

Hi Weil,

Our QA gurus just looked into the problem and found that when the TS view window is set to lower than full, the zoom will sometimes be incorrect. So perhaps you could try setting the comp window resolution to full and see if that helps.


Hi Peter,

I finally succeeded. But I needed several attemps. And it works but not smooth.

It should act smooth due to my system specs.

This slow response is maybe the reason why I didn’t succeeded yesterday in solving the problem!

For example, I can’t see moving the cursor in the comp window when playing the clip with title.

When I stop playing a clip then I see the cursor appearing at the position on the timeline where the clip stops.

Strange behaviour.

I’m looking into it.


Verzonden vanuit Mail voor Windows 10

Hi Peter,

I did some testing.

I took a clip and a new Lower third and played it in the comp window.

The first time it plays the clip not smooth.

When I play the clip with that lower third agian and again, the clip plays faster.

Then a new clip and a new lower third the same: first play: not smooth.

Further ‘plays’: more smooth!

A cache issue?


Verzonden vanuit Mail voor Windows 10

Hi Wiel,

Can you please check the status of the cache function? If it’s disabled then you might want to enable that. You can access that pref here :

Cache Rendered Frames

It should have a check next to the option when it’s enabled - just select it to toggle the state of this switch. When enabled, you’ll find smooth playback in the timeline after the first pass.

Also, you should check whether you are in time accurate or frame accurate mode. You can toggle back and forth between the two by clicking on the last button in the bottom right of the comp window - it shows a clock face for time accurate and a film strip for frame accurate. Time accurate mode will be a faster preview which will skip frames in order to play as close to real time as possible. Frame accurate mode will drop performance to ensure that every frame is displayed during playback.