2023 Sapphire 16.01 Crashes Davinci Resolve in Fusion

After about 8 or so crashes testing out if it was just one thing or the entire plug in, the Sapphire effects all stall Davinci Resolve and make it hang forever forcing a shut down if you click load preset or edit mocha.

I’ve tried multple, they all do the same thing. I did try the BCC effects and they are working just fine and open mocha just fine.

Just all the S_ effects crash Resolve when trying to load preset or use mocha.

I did try this in the older 2022 Sapphire version too and it also crashed doing the same thing.

Whelp, never mind, it is not just Davinci Resolve. It also crashes After Effects too, when I was going through the options and selected preset (which worked), then was clicking matte from layer trying to see why it was showing the transparent grid on my screen with the preset and not my image…and it freezes right there. I literally was just using this prior as well and no issues before update with After Effects.

I reinstalled Sapphie AE 16.0 and it is working again in After Effects.

I tried 2022.54 for Resolve and it still crashes.

Ok Ultrazap in AE 23.1 and earlier (I just updated to 23.1 to see if it would fix the issue and it did not), is unusable.

It doesn’t crash the system, but it lags extremely bad, doesn’t matter quality setting. I set it on quarter and it still doesn’t even allow me to click anything because it is loading so much (it is not even using any computer resources for how much it is lagging). Then it loads a second, then freezes, loads a few frames, freezes…

12th Gen i9-12900k
128GB RAM (also not being used up)
RTX3090 (527.56 studio driver…can not use the current 528.02 driver because it is massively buggy and can’t use photoshop. The Nvidia forums are still being blown up waiting for them to fix it)