[ 28-Jul-06 ] Motor_v1.1.0b2

motor v1.1 beta 2

This is the first public release of motor. In essence the layer / spline tools from* monet / mokey* have been broken out into motor a standalone roto application.

Once *motor *has been released all of motor’s features will naturally transition to our other applications.

What has changed from monet / mokey to motor:

New GUI (Graphical User Interface)

  • motor represents the new GUI for all Imagineer applications. Thus motor and the GUI are in beta, to be taken in consideration when suggesting / requesting features and GUI changes.

Clip Tab

  • Clip and Lens tabs have been combined.

Layers Properties

  • The Layers Module/Tab no longer exists, as all layer properties have been broken out to specific panels.
  • Layer key frames are indicated by red triangles at the bottom of the Timeline.
  • Instead of key-framing layer On/Off we have now included a In/Out point property, effectively setting a range per layer on the timeline

Layers Controls

  • This is now a Layer Controls menu similar to layer menus in various compositing applications. Allowing control of visibility, render and lock/unlocking.
  • In order to track a layer, select the specific layer and start tracking. Ensure that Render is not enabled on any other layers, as all Render enabled layers are tracked, unless they are locked, regardless of the layers selected.
  • At present, the selected layer will track regardless whether Render is enabled or not. We are not sure if the majority of users will prefer this or whether the Render enabled/disabled button should override, please give us your input.

Keyframe controls

  • Select Track, in order to control Tracking keyframes. (Green Dots - Top)
  • Select Layer, in order to control Layer keyframes. (Red Triangles - Bottom)

Shape Export

  • Shapes can be exported to Shake from Track tab or via File | Save Shape Data.
  • GMask export in development.


  • At present the new motor files can not be opened using monet or mokey, due to the file formats being slightly different. This will be corrected before the final release.