2D Particles In Vegas Pro?

I have Continuum 2019 for OFX Windows running w/Vegas Pro. I don’t have 2D Particles availble in the FX panel.
Please advise.

2D Particles was never added to OFX hosts because at the time it was already considered somewhat obsolete due to the newer Particle Systems, and especially the Particle Emitter 3D filter. Now with the addition of Particle Illusion the older 2D Particles filter is even more obsolete. Is there some specific feature you are looking for in that filter that you can’t find in the other particle filters?

I want to particalize an image. I’ve been experimenting w/ Particle Emitter 3D but noticed a limit of 500 particles. I haven’t finished testing to see if I can get what I want. My intention was to look at the 2D plugin to compare features - I didn’t realize it was obsolete.
Is PE 3D the best way to particalize an image (have it blow away like dust)?

I’d suggest using the BCC Layer Deformer - it’s significantly faster than the deprecated 2D Particles filter. To create the effect you want, you should follow these steps :

  1. Apply BCC Layer Deformer to the source clip

  2. Twirl open the Front Material group and set the Front Texture Layer to Source

  3. Enable the Use Shatter option by clicking the checkbox

The layer will now automatically shatter off into particles. You can control the timing of the shatter by switching the Tome Mode from Automated to Manual, then keyframing the Manual Time parameter.

I hope this helps!


Thanks Peter. Is it possible to turn off all the lighting and just use the colors from the texture?