2d planar data onto a 3d layer in AE


This might be more of a After Effects question, but because it involves Mocha, i have decided to put it here.
I have comp on a 3d layer in After effects. The comp contains a mess of nested 3d comps. I have been tracking underlying footage with MochaAE and applying the 2d data on my 3d layer via a null. Because the movement in the footage is quite subtle, it almost works but then again it doesnt.
Is there a way to manipulate the 3d layer like a 2d layer wihout loosing the 3d capabilities?

I know my current setup is quite a noobish and backwards way to achieve this, but I have a hard time thinking of alternatives that doesnt involve 3d tracking.



Hi Rasmus,

Because it’s 2D, it’s not going to move correctly with the layer. What you will want to try for nulls instead is our 3D camera tracker in mocha AE 3.2 or mocha Pro.

You will want to check out this video for more details: https://vimeo.com/50599990