32-bit EXR for Distortion Maps?

Is there a way to get mocha pro to export 32-bit exrs for the lens distortion maps? I don’t see a bit depth option on the distortion map output (or in preferences) and they’re reading into nuke as 16-bit half float, which is causing some minor issues with the STMap node.


Hi Nick,

Which version of mocha Pro are you currently running? There was an issue rendering EXR distortion maps some time ago, but we addressed it in v4.0.1.


Any ideas? I don’t see an output option for the bit depth anywhere.

Sorry Nick, I missed your response!
If you are still seeing the issue, it may have resurfaced and we will have to file a defect. Output clips should match the input source.

Can you use DPX or TIF instead?

You can also check to see if the issue is resolved in our V5 beta. Email me if you would like to test: martinb[at]imagineersystems.com

It appears .tiff works in 32-bit. EXR and SXR are 16-bit. Thanks for that tip! I thought I had previously tried tiff, but I guess not. Cheers.