3d Camera in after effects

Hello everyone, it seems that I can do a camera animation in the plug-in after clicking it in after effects. But once it is in after effects and applied as a rendered layer. It seems that I cannot alter the camera and it becomes to 2d. As if the particles have become a plane. my question is there a way to keep the 3-D aspect because I have a program called handicap that I would like to assign to the particles but it doesn’t seem to work. Nor does the 3-D camera in after fax. I tried checking the box for 3-D in the layers palette. But I’m just missing something can anyone help? Is the camera animation only available in the product itself? PS this is the full plug-in that I have purchased that is integrated into after effects.

Make sure that when you launch Particle Illusion from AE that PI is set to 3D (in the toolbar above the Stage).

Also any emitters in your project must have the “Emit in 3D” parameter checked – that will happen automatically when you add an emitter to a 3D project, but you will have to change it manually if your project was 2D when the emitter was first added.

You might want to check out some of the videos in the Particle Illusion training series:

Hope this helps!

Sorry. I’m such a newbie. But is there an option for a 3d composition/project versus a 2d comp/project in after effects? Or does it just apply to layers. By hitting that little cube

much appreciated by the way. I did watch most of the particle illusion YouTube videos. the 26 videos that they have.