3D camera or object tracker solve based on 360 turntable object?


I have some footage that was shot of a product spinning 360 degrees on a turntable. The camera is stationary, only the object rotates.

I’m trying to find a solution to either track and solve a 3D camera based on this movement, or try to track the 3D object in order to replace items on it (lables, phone screen, etc).

Any good hints/tips/tricks on doing this?

Very much appreciated!


If you track the stationary background and do a PTZ solve on it, that will give you the general 3d state.
You can then track and export the moving object in the stationary scene as 3d motion.

However, it depends on the actual 3d object. If you can track the flat turntable plane, you may be able to do this.
When tracking rotating objects in perspective I recommend increasing the Angle value to make sure Mocha checks larger degrees of rotation.