3D Camera solve/export to Blender/Embergen

I have solved a camera.
If I export it as FBX 7.7.0 the camera comes into Blender without the correct FOV
If I export it as FBX 7.7.0 Nuke 6.3v7 the camera comes into Blender turned 90 degrees sideways with the correct FOV

I cant see where I can adjust the setting in Mocha?

Nuke and Blender have different default world orientation.

Currently Mocha does not have any dials to control the scene orientation. If the FBX 7.7.0 Nuke 6.3v7 has the right FOV, you can try creating an Axis inside Blender, then link a camera to it as a child & parent objects, and use Axis to rotate the camera in a desired position

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Other thing you can do, is when you import FBX camera into Blender, there’s a setting that defines camera orientation. You should try available options in the dropdown menu and see which one works for you.

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