3D Camera Solve & Manual Track


I am wondering whether I can use Manual Track / Adjust Track with the 3D Camera Solver?

From what I understand, the 3D Camera Solver projects the surfaces onto the tracked planes to re-construct the 3D space of the scene. Given that any adjustment I make manually to help the tracker across tricky spots are all in 2D space, would that cause issues with the 3D solve given that the solver wouldn’t have any 3D data for those manually adjusted frames?

Thank you!


Hi there,
mocha uses the surface tool position to calculate the lens, so anything you do to make the track (and so the surface) stick to the object you are tracking the more accurate your 3D solve will be. If you’re manual track or adjust track makes the track worse and not better, then of course your 3D solver results will be worse. But I use adjust track all the time to improve camera solves. Adjust track is a vital tool in mocha, since everything in mocha is based on getting the best track possible.


Thank you very much for the quick reply Mary.

Good to hear that I can adjust / manual track without throwing off the Camera solver. My concern was more that the process of tracking itself generated some internal 3D data that it needed for the solve and that my manual adjustments might mess that up.



As long as the track looks rock solid you should be fine.