3D camera tracking Mocha Plus v4?

Hi. Can you confirm to me that MochaPlus V 4.1.2 does actually include a full 3D Camera Tracker, please?

I know this is probably a silly question, since everything I’ve read suggests that it does. But I prefer to get some info from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, before I spend money.

I have After Effects CS5, with the included Mocha AE, and mt second question is, Is there a cheap way to upgrade from that version to MochaPlus?

Thanks for your help.

What we have is a 3D camera solver. This is a subtle difference from a 3d tracker, so i’ll explain:

Normally 3D trackers are projecting points into a scene and track those points as a bundle to work out the motion of the camera. Essentially it’s a one-step process to track the 3d motion using points.

Our way of working out the camera is in 2 stages. First, you track planes in the scene like you were doing normal 2d planar track, then you use these planar tracks to solve the camera. This way you can easily tweak problems (drift etc) at the tracking stage before solving the actual 3d camera.

You can use mocha Plus to export this camera data out as an After Effects camera and 3D nulls.

I recommend downloading and activating a trial of mocha Pro or mocha Plus to see how it works for yourself: http://www.imagineersystems.com/download/current-version-downloads/

There is an upgrade path from mocha AE to mocha Plus. Just choose the “mocha AE” option from the upgrade path in the webshop:

Thanks for that, Martin. I had already downloaded the trial of MochaPlus but I wanted to be sure about its abilities before I bought it.

That answers my question.