3D Extruded Spline custom shape

I would like to have my own shape to use in the 3D Extruded spline. Don’t have After Effect, so I was wondering if this is doable without it?

The BCC Extruded Spline filter requires use of either the filters standard built-in shapes or a custom After Effects mask shape, but another option for you would be to use the BCC Extruded EPS filter, which can work with custom spline shapes created in Adobe Illustrator.

Thanks Peter. Don’t have AE but when I tried in Illustrator to save an EPS, and then load into BCC Extruded EPS, Vegas then crashes :frowning:

Is there a special EPS format BCC needs?

Yes, you need to save the EPS out from Illustrator as Illustrator 8 format. Please feel free to send it to me if it still fails for you and I’ll test it on my system. If I need to modify the file before it works in BCC then I can provide you with the steps so that you can do this yourself with other shapes.

That worked! Saving to EPS 8 did the trick. Thanks!

Delighted to hear that worked for you! Thanks for letting me know.