3D Object Tracking - Points that drop out of view

I have done 3D object tracking in other programs but unsure how to handle this in Mocha. I am trying to track my actors moving arm to then add 3D arm armour. I have a tracking band wrapped around their arm (between the wrist and elbow). The band has at least 20 highly trackable points that cover the whole surface area of the band. Mocha tracks the dots easily and accurately but I’m not sure what to do when the dots drop out of view .ie twisting arm. Would I just keep adding more x -spline tracks to visible dots when one layer drops off? Do the seperate tracks need to be connected some how for export? Please help.

Mocha’s 3D solver is pretty simple, but tracking something that rotates all the way around is going to be tricky with it. You can try tracking another part of the arm, but at that point it will be a different plane and very difficult to do. You could try continually tracking the arm as it rotates, but your results might be limited. If the dots drop out of view, they will not be able to be tracked, though the texture of the arm will be trackable regardless.