3D Solve Car Footage

OK so I have running footage of a car driving in NY that we shot. The camera is driving with the target car (white Acura). I am going to transition from this 2D car to a 3D model using Cinema 4D. Since everything is moving out of the frame, but the subject is generally stationary, I’m a little confused on how to do a 3D camera solve on a shot like this.

I know I need to track at least two planes, so I figure the buildings and the street. I made a mask for the car and the people in front of the windows so I could track the windows and sign above. That worked well. It’s the street that stumping me. When I try and track the street, it looks OK for a few frames, then goes nuts. Should I do a larger shape and keyframe it so it stick to that area as long as I align the planar surface box and grid to the street?


Thanks for any help.


Hi Alex,

This sounds like a job for a full 3D solver, not a planar solver like mocha uses. I would try a camera tracker like Nuke’s camera tracker, boujou, or synth eyes. We are meant to put objects into a scene like single plane set extensions, 3D text and titles, and simple object inserts. If you need it to move perfect with the road you probably need to use a more robust 3D solver.