3D tracking phone

Hey there. I’m desperately trying to 3D track this phone for AE and Cinema 4D. Here’s what I want it to look like:


Here’s one of my shots:


I thought that the 3D camera solver would work but it’s telling me it won’t work. Or I need more planes. But I just have the single plane of the phone screen.

I don’t know what to do and need this done immediately for a job.

Please help!!

Thank you very very much


Hi George,

I am not sure you NEED a 3D solve for this? It looks like a plane? You don’t have enough planes for a 3D solve for sure. But you can absolutely get a corner pin or a Null and I think you can get away with that here.

You will absolutely need to do some adjust track and manual track to nail this shot, some parts will need to be hand animated in the turn.

Hey Mary,

thx so much for replying. I was able to get good corner pin data using the free version of Mocha with AE, but that didn’t help because it gave no coordinates for the other graphics to track to. The most important being 3D rotation. I tried 2D tracking the phone, then hand animating the 3D rotation. I wound up having to tweak every frame. Nightmare.

Then I saw a tutorial on Mocha Pro, it looked like that was the answer. So I bought Mocha Pro, but now I’m having the same problem. If I can’t do a 3D solve does Mocha Pro have a way to generate 3D coordinates from the corner pin data? That I can apply to other graphics that need to be locked to the phone?

How are all these people using Mocha to do these cool phone graphics in 3D space??

thank you!

Usually they have two non-coplanar planes to track a long with the object to get a camera solve, that’s why. Without the camera, we can’t export the Mocha data as 3D.

Try tracking one plane on the BG and seeing if you can get a PTZ solve, there’s not a lot of parallax and you might get away with it.

BUT, if that doesn’t work, let’s try this. Do you have any other camera trackers at your disposal? You can try putting some trackable elements (like this) onto the scene with 2D cards in Mocha using insert or corner pins, and running that through a traditional camera tracker and see what you get. This is how many artists get “untrackable” 3D tracks done using Mocha.

ahhh, good advice Mary! I’ll try that. thx!