4K monitor support (Windows)

Any word on when 4K monitor support will happen w/Windows? I tried to resolve it in Windows but it doesn’t work. The Mocha UI doesn’t scale. So far Mocha and Nuke and the main two apps left I use that still don’t support scaling. Nuke may be getting it with the next major release as they move to the updated QT.

Hi there,

High-resolution monitor support is definitely on the feature request list.
This will most likely not occur until at least the next major mocha Pro release. Sorry for the pain! There is some significant work in updating all the interfaces to full high-resolution support.

Add me to the number of requests for this - Nuke is killing me on a UHD monitor, maybe you can get there first and shame the foundry into getting it done …

Any update on this? 4K monitors are becoming more prevalent. My maintenance is coming up next month and need to figure out if I should continue.

thanks… helped in my decision making.