4k monitor


I’m currently testing Optics. I work on a laptop with 4k screen, however, the screen resolution of Optics is unacceptable, meaning the program is very difficult to work with since it does not display full screen, it seems the software is written to display max 2k screens or something, did nobody think about this or am I missing something? The issue is very unpleasant.

Optics runs well on a 4K monitor. You just need to resize the window.

Hello, thanks for your answer, but this is not possible, I always miss a part of the layout

And changing font size in the preferences (let’s say going from 12 to 9) doesn’t work either

The font size is simply too big on my 4k laptop, luckily all the other programs, like ACR, PS and so on have a great resolution.

Above you see two screenshots I took, the fonts are simply too big for my 4k screen, and it seems I can’t change them into Optics, the font size on all other programs, like PS for instance, are way smaller and work like a charm on my 4k laptop

And I can’t change the workspace with the arrows either, it’s a complete bad joke, but again, maybe I’m missing something, but I have no idea what…

If you look at your System > Display Settings, what is the Scale set to?

Do you see the difference in fonts in, for example, Photoshop?

3840 x 2160 (recommended)

250% (recommended)

Sorry to jump in, my 34" 4k screen is set to 150% 3840x2160 i get a normal looking screen,

but i just change it 250% to see :open_mouth: it looks more like yours,

If you set the scale factor too high, you will have this problem. For my monitor, I have the Scale set to 200% and that works for me.

Thanks, I didn’t try doing that yet, but why should I, everything else works great

I don’t have an answer for your question. With my 4K monitor, 250% is also recommended but the fonts are too large on most programs, so I backed off to 200%. I have noticed the 4K support on Windows to be dodgy at best. Changing settings also often requires a restart, otherwise the old settings are remembered.

Do you have Dual screen controls in your graphics card settings, Windows & the GPU can sometimes conflict,