6K plates

I have been trying to use 6K plates in Mocha pro 2020. But I get a nasty looking screen when I do.
I read somewhere that mocha can handle over 8K? I tried re-rendering with prores proxy, 422, but no luck. So I have to down size to 4K.


Mocha shouldn’t have an issue with that. I need more information. Are you using the plugin or standalone? If the plugin, what host? And what do you mean by nasty looking?

Ok sorry about that.
So its the plugin from nuke and here’s the results with any mov over 4K.

What’s the original file type before you switch to prores proxy? Is it Red? @Martinb has been seeing some weird problems with Red and we are trying to test this.

The original file was A001_11241843_C099.braw.
But was reformatted to Pro Res 4444XQ when it was sent to me.
I then reformatted it to Prores 422 so mocha could read it. (Mocha doesn’t like 4444XQ, so I usually reformat to 422)

But in this case of 6K files, Mocha will not play it regardless of whatever codec I use.

Hope this helped,

Hey Lou, I need a bit more info:
What’s your hardware specs and system version?

Intel i7 6 core
32 gig ram
SSD & m.2 SSD hard drives
GTX 970 nvidia
Win 10 ( windows insider program)

BTW, had this same issue in the past with Mocha 2019,
I’ve never been able to use anything larger than 4K., Otherwise I get that screen shown above.
(not sure if that helped you)

Ok. It MAY have something to do with your GPUs, but I can’t currently see any issues.
I can load 6K material fine via Nuke into Mocha.

Can you send us your log? Either DM me directly or email if you don’t want the log on public forums.

Ok, but where is the Log file?

FWIW and not to distract from your issue - working with Prores 4444 XQ 4k UHD right now and not having any problems I wouldn’t have with image sequences anyway. Mac Pro 2013 64Gb 2x D700

Open Mocha and go to the help menu. There will be an option called “View log”.

same problem with 6K ProRes 4444XQ on latest Win10. Mac OS version works fine. Log attached imagineer.txt.zip (2.7 KB)