[7.0.3 54.g4b7c3a49372e] Duplicating a non-visible layer locks some settings

Version: Mocha Pro After Effects, 7.0.3 54.g4b7c3a49372e

Platform: Windows 10, After Effects 2020

Description: When I duplicate a layer that isn’t visible I can no longer change the tracking kind (transformation, scale, rotation…) and nether the motion type (large/small motion, Manual track)

Steps to reproduce: Create a new X-spline, disable the visibility, duplicate it, try to change some settings

Expected result: You should be able to change all settings

Actual Result: You can’t change some settings but if you make your layer visible and then duplicate, you can change all settings as expected.

I haven’t used Mocha on AE, but on the stand alone if you duplicate a locked, hidden layer it does the same thing. It will show it is unlocked but it isn’t really. If you cycle through the locking it will start working as expected. Does this work for you on AE?


Cycling through the locking solved the problem.
Just to clarify, I’m using Mocha Plugin for After Effects. I also tried this in Fusion and the same problem/solution applied there.

That doesn’t surprise me. It has been like that in the standalone and OFX versions for a very long time.


I think this is expected behavior. I will check with @martinb when he’s back from holiday.

Might be an expected behavior but please add the lock to the layer at least. This was driving me crazy to the point it just had to be a bug in my opinion.

We can add it to the wish list!