8-Bit Banding in Mocha Exports?

I’m new to Mocha and trying to stabilise a clip via Premiere Pro CC. Every time I render (within Premiere) the Mocha-stabilised clip to ProRes4444, I get old-school 8-bit style banding on solid colours like a blue sky. It’s not the preview codec settings in Premiere. They are set for 10-bit. I’m exporting directly from the timeline as ProRes4444.

I’ve looked in all the Mocha preference and project settings without success. The source material is 10-bit S-LOG3 XAVC 1080 30P. What I am missing?

When you render the footage out as a final render does it also have banding?

Yes on the render to ProRes4444. Looks like classic 8-bit gradient banding.

Hi Peter,

Are you able to send us a sample clip where you see this happening?
martinb[@]borisfx.com I’d like to test it out and see where the issue may be!


Was this ever resolved as I am having the same issue with the remove and insert module but within Avid. The clean plates created are 8bit and once rendered it creates banding / artefacts. Also when inserting a clip for screen replacement there is banding also. Project is UHD 10 bit.

This is especially noticeable in the sky, after a bit of testing the issue occurs the moment the mocha pro effect is dropped on the clip before any processing has occured. Is there a setting I am missing?