92% Solve But Dope Sheet Only Shows Quarter Of Key Frames For Camera

Hi everyone. I have the Creative Cloud and myself and a friend are getting into Drone video work as a side project, but I was sent a video from him and no matter what I do I keep getting the following error. I am running the demo version of Mocha Pro btw.

So, the shot is of a construction site and after about 240 frames he does a whip pan, but there is enough good geometry that when I scrub through after setting up all my layers, everything seems well locked in the scene. I set all the layers for T,S,R,S and P with 90% pixels, and I get a 92% solve. The clip is 1065 frames long, but when bringing into AE, was only getting 264 frames of info. Looking in the dope sheet, there are only keyframes for this amount of data. I am solving using Auto, and when I have been working through, I have been typically getting warming that it will only solve up to , eg. fame 453.

I have been through and when the splines have become corrupted, I trim that track to when they are good, but I am still getting the issue. I typically find a good spot, then track backwards, then move to the keyframe where the spline was created and track forwards.

Not sure if im missing something obvious, and any help is gratefully received!!!



Have re-run the solve from frame 264 to 1064 and it reports and error on the layers saying they are moving. The tracks themselves seem solid on the screen.

Are the layers tracked all the way through the timeline or only in portions for each layer?
When you export the track, do you still have all your layers selected?

If so, I might need to see the actual project file to see what is going on.