A BCC Transition Similar to This NewBlue One?

Conttinuum 2023 with Particle Illusion, Vegas Pro 19 on Windows 10.

I just spent a whole bunch of money on building a new system and besides, I can’t afford NewBlue subscriptions. Vegas Pro has only 6 very basic free NewBlue transitions. I ran into the below video on one of the non-free ones called Light Blender Traveling Rays.

Truthfully since I’ve been MIA in all matters video creation and editing for the last 3 years, I have not delved into the large list of BCC fx and transitions yet.

I know I can use Vegas rays type fx to similate this particular transition but it’s a bit more labor intensive. I like the tweaking GUI for this Traveling Rays, it’s intuitive.

Does any of the BCC transitions act similar to it - if so which one/s?

Above screenshots from this how-to video where that particular transition is shown.


Have you tried using the BCC+ Rays Dissolve? I wonder if that might produce a result similar to the one you’re looking for.



@PeterMcAuley - Ha! Spot on, thanks. Nice to know I don’t need to buy more stuff :sunglasses:.

Super - thanks for letting me know that worked for you. :slight_smile:


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