A convoluted question?

Hey guys, I’m new to Mocha and I use it to import into Vegas Pro. I’m tracking a green screen with tracking points on it, with the intention of adding a virtual room based on camera movements. But I’m only slightly familiar with x-spline, and it seems like whatever tracking I do, which works fine, essentially, it only exports the cropped confines of the area I tracked.

The issue is that I was hoping for this one point tracking, discarding perspective and simply layering an image over the tracking info that conforms to the x and y information, along with forward and backward movements. And I’ve kind of done it, but it takes my virtual room and squishes it to fit inside the cropped tracking box I used to follow the points.

Any way to simply slap an unaltered image over the tracking data and have it move with the points? Thanks in advance, and I’m sorry if this is newbie stuff.

Hi there, how are you getting the information into Vegas Pro? We don’t presently support tracking data into Vegas except via BCC motiontracker plugins.