A couple of issues with Sapphire 2019.5 and Avid 2019.6

Love the new builder and preset windows with the live update of the selected clip - very nice.

Started playing with Sapphire 2019.5 (12.5) on the recently released Media Composer 2019.6 (new UI) and noticed a couple of things within the first few minutes (Windows 10 1903):

  1. Holding while dragging a thumb-wheel parameter adjustment doesn’t offer fine control over the parameter as it does with other effects in Avid (this may have always been the case with Sapphire, I haven’t noticed - maybe Sapphire has some other key combo for this?).

  2. With S_EFFECT applied to a clip, the +/- buttons in the Composer window to not zoom in/out as expected - very odd behavior. I tried an S_GLOW and that seemed to work fine. I didn’t try any other effects yet.

Still the early hours of playing with 2019.5 but generally I love the direction - such a solid toolkit - thanks folks!

Anyone else notice this? Still present in Sapphire 2019.5 with MC 2019.8…

For #1 I use the keyboard arrows (right/left) after each click of the +/- effect zoom to force S_EFFECT to update

For #2 perhaps I need to RTM for Sapphire - there must be a way to switch to fine control of a parameter in the FX editor inside Media Composer, no?

edit - for #2 the keyboard arrow keys work and holding the key with the arrow keys increases the increment. I’m now reading the basic help that ships with Sapphire - it’s pretty good, actually.

Sorry - I meant hold the SHIFT key while using the right/left arrows increases the rate of change.