A couple of odd messages when tracking and solving

Mocha 2019…

  1. To reproduce it yourself, just try this : on a 1000 frames clip, track 2 layers from frame say 50 to say 750 and try the camera solver :
    Ok, why not. But you’ll have the same if you set in and out points, on the TL or on each layer properties or both… Should I understand that I cannot solve if the clip is not specifically trimmed before to the part of my interest ? What if I decide that the cam data I want to export is only between i & o points that don’t contain the whole clip ?

  2. A super basic track… Suddenly, although nothing particularly changed on the screen :
    Well, no problem. Click track again, same messafe. Go way before on the TL and track again, it’s ok for a few frames but it happnes again.
    What d’you think and what are the specific conditions that can trigger that ?

Thx in advance

For the solve error, are all the cogs for the layers selected?
If you are solving for a parallax shot, is more than one layer tracked over the entirety of the sequence you need?

For the second error, i’d have to see the shot in question. Are you using GPU or CPU tracking?

Hey Martin, thx for your answer.
I won’t be able (allowed) to show you the clip this time, but it’s a guy over a green screen, with 2 marks tracked on the green. The guy slowly walks offscreen at 3/4 of the shot. The cogs are always on and the 2 layers selected at solve time
I tried CPU only, it works fast too but stops at the same time, which is weird because strictly nothing changes at this specific point (the guy is static, the cam doesn’t move, nothing differs from the frames before).
BUT… the x splines disappear, and it looks like they go somehow behind the clip (???)… And zooming extremely out reveals a whacky spline like 2000% bigger and so on… Investigating deeper also shows a surface which fly away with no reason.
I don’t know, is there a way to force Mocha to think “between this KF and this one, I assume that the spline is specifically at the same place” without having to click track ? Or maybe to link the track to another but only between specific keyframes ?

Also, I realize i should have made 2 different topics, so to kind of conclude one : if I have a clip open that I only want a portion of in the end, can I (and therefore how) only have tracked layers covering this portion only to get my cam solve ? Because if the answer is no, I can stop bothering you about that right now :confused: