A few questions: Manual Track, saving dialog box after saving

Hi I got a 2 questions:


Mocha Ae 4.0.2

  1. manual tracking. I have seen this tutorial: Boris FX | Quick Tip: Manual Track

from what I can see, when you choose manual track you are now moving the planar surface but I can only move 2 points at a time and not all of it. is that true? I ran into situations where I want the exact same shape and (for instance an object in the horizon, and not easy to follow 4 corner pins) and I can’t do it accurately. this is an example:


  1. saving again - I remember reading why Mocha Ae asks to save the project after you already saved it. “do you want to save the changes you made…” can I have this explained again? what exactly is it saving that I did not save just now?


Thank you.




  1. You can move the whole surface using the transform tools or the shortcuts Q (Pan) W (Rotate) or E (Scale)
  2. In earlier versions like v4, we ask to save again so you have the option to clear the cache on quit. We’ve revised this in V5.

On the topic of that shot however, I would recommend trying to crunch the light in that shot and track off the clouds. You may have enough data not to need manual tracking.

To save you an extra render, you can contrast the lighting inside mocha by switching to Log in the Colorspace tab of the cLip module then adjusting the black and white values, or you can try using the gamma offset in linear.

Thank you. and thanks for the clever tips :slight_smile: