A frustrating AdjustTrack problem

I JUST Purchased the program MONET (LEAP of faith for ME) I followed the tutorial video twith the simple object insertion (The green screened monitor).

My problem is this: I watched the Video at least a dozen times and can’t seem to get the adjustment keyframes to animate smoothly. When I make a key frame and move in the timeline and set another one it jumps back to the previous keframe when you advance a frame. Is this a bug? I hope not. I really love this companies products and stand by them 100%. I just want to get the adjust to look right. Thanks for any help.

Hello Guys

The good news is that we have finally mange to pinpoint where the issue was.

We have committed the fixes and now its going to QA for testing

So fingers cross we will have a new point release shortly.

Thank you for our patients

Hello Bob

I am finalizing the new mokey and monet builds today, please expect them on our site by the end of the week.

Sorry for the delay there was a few more tweaks needed to be done.


Thanks for the update.

Any progress on this?

Has this been fixed yet? It was identified in newer versions of both Monet and Mokey. It’s a pretty huge thing to be busted for this long.

2.1.3 was the last version, so I don’t think a fix has ever been posted yet.

First ‘login’ to the Downloads section like normal, and then go to this URL:


You have to jump back to 2.1.0 for Adjust Track to work.

Thanks Bob.
Do you know where someone can get ahold of 2.1.0?

What is the number of this point release?

I just tried v2.1.2. It has the same problem.