A Linux OFX version?

Last time on Mocha Pro webinar, I asked if there would be any Linux native port for PI OFX, and it was confirmed there by one of the Boris FX guys that there is a Linux version on the work.

Would there be any ETA that we might know about?

I bought Mocha Pro perpetual and loving it, and I only dream of having the ability to use it to track the particle made out of PI on my preferred host, that is Black Magic Davinci Resolve-Fusion Studio on Ubuntu Linux.

I’m using the Standalone on Linux using WINE, which seems to work perfectly with zero glitches, and I hope that would at least mean that a Linux port wouldn’t have any difficulties joining the Tux family.

So, any ETA? Or what state is the Linux version at?

Very happy to hear that you’re enjoying using Mocha Pro - it’s a superb product, which has earned the company an Academy award for innovation and technical achievement.

A linux port of Particle Illusion is not currently on the near term engineering schedule.

That’s fine, if may be you can provide us a paid version of the standalone version that exports Mocha Tracking data, that would be amazing.

Since the Standalone version runs flawlessly on Linux under WINE, then may be exporting a Mocha Pro tracking format (or Alembic) would be what we’re looking for before a native OFX version is released.

Just saying, but a feedback never hurts :slight_smile: