"A newer version already installed"

Hi guys,

recently I tried to install the newest version of Mocha Pro Plugin for Adobe. Unfortunately, I missed that my licence wasn’t suitable for this version. So I wanted to go back to my original purchased version 2019.5.

Now, I can’t install the Plugin anymore because of the following error message:
A newer version of Mocha Plug-ins 2019.5 for Adobe is already installed.

How can I install my old version of mocha?

Working on a Windows 10 machine. Current AE Version is Version 18.4.0 (Build 41)

I already tried this worklow


You have to use the add and remove programs on Windows to remove the software, only then can you run through those steps in the other forum post.

lol, thank you! Should’ve think of that :roll_eyes:

Just removed Mocha Pro with windows and was able to install the old version.

Thank you!