A Question of GPU RAM for ParticleIllusion in Vegas Pro

I have Continuum 2023 with Particle Illusion on Vegas 19, WIndows 10, 32 Gb DDR4 3200, OS on 1 TB Samsung SSD 980 NVMe M.2, projects on SATA SSDs.

While I’m on a tight consumer budget, I’m considering taking the plunge and building a new computer around a Ryzen 9 5900X (12 cores) or similar CPU.

In part because I believe my current system (Ryzen 5 1600, 6 cores and an old nVidia GT 710 2Gb GPU) isn’t powerful enough for ParticleIllusion and similar intensive plugins. In-NLE preview can be sluggish.

I checked the recommended specs for Boris - seems like minimum - for they say 4Gb for a video card. Whatever GPU I’ll get will be DDR5 or 6. But here is my dilemma:

I can find plenty of 4Gb nVidia and AMD cards within a reasonable budget for me (under USD $250), but going to 8Gb, prices jump up…

Do I really need 8Gb or is it more or less marketing hype or more important for gaming, not content creation?

I do not do any gaming (my age is showing, I just turned 68) and what is termed “performance” out there on the Net in terms of benchmarks seems to me as being 99% based on gaming, not rendering or in-NLE previews/workflow.

But then I am willing to be wrong about that.
I just need some clarity.

Your input welcomed.

Hi There,

Sounds like a great system config that you’re putting together. For the GPU, bear in mind that some products, including Particle Illusion, are 100% GPU dependant so more is always better in terms of on-card GPU memory. I wouldn’t consider anything less than 4GB of memory on the GPU but 8GB is going to breathe a lot easier.


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@PeterMcAuley - Thanks for succinct and useful reply. I’m probably going to lean into 8 gb. And here is another aspect of purchasing that I need to consider on which I would also appreciate some clarity:

I’ve always used nVidia cards and never had problems with them. Last year, someone at the Magix Vegas Pro forum was kind enough to sell me a spare AMD card he was not using for USD $100 for that was my budget limit at the time - MSI Radeon Armor RX 570 8G OC.

I was over the moon, installed it but… then the “black screen” syndrome started happening. At random about twice daily even when just browsing the Net. We tried to troubleshoot it by dealing with and eventually removing the MSI Dragon software to see if it would fix that.

It didn’t, and so I reluctantly had to return it to him for a refund. I don’t feel it was a defective GPU, for some reason it just wouldn’t play nice with my OS or mobo - which is an MSI also (B450 Gaming Plus).

Point being that I’m a bit nervous getting an AMD card again, but comparable nVIDIA seem more expensive. And here is my issue:

Over the years I’ve had XFX and EVGA nVIDIA cards. Now I see that PNY offers somewhat substantially cheaper versions of the same cards as ASUS, EVGA, etc.

I’ve heard that PNY and cheaper cards are that because they have cheaper parts, but is that really the case or ultimately relevant since the core of the card has to be whatever nVIDIA it is?

I won’t go for totally unknown brands, PNY is as “low” as I will go.

My inclination is to pay a bit more for i.e. and ASUS, but it is rare for GPUs to tank overall, a card is a card after all.


I’m not sure what your budget is but this seems to be a fairly decent card for a reasonable price : GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Out Now: Faster Than RTX 2080 SUPER, Starting At $399 | GeForce News | NVIDIA

Thanks. After looking at my bank balance, I think I can take the plunge to spend around USD $400 - which is what your suggested 8 Gb RTX. But right before I got the notice of your reply, I found this at Amazon - a GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 3060 Vision OC 12G (REV2.0)

Since I’m splitting my purchase into to 2 phases, get GPU first, then next month when I have access to some money to buy the new CPU and mobo. I might as well invest in a really good card such as the 12 GB even though it is PCIe 4 and my current mobo is 3, so it will be a bit throttled down.

But once I build my new system, throttle will be gone. 12 Gb may be overkill (or not), but as you said, the higher the GPU Gbs, the better.