A sapphire internal error has occurred in Premiere Pro 2022

When I use Sapphire effect (Film Damage for exemple, no one other effect) at closing Premiere 2022 I have an error:
If I render project in PR or AME - a part of file is a blackscreen. If I render at AME and closing it I have some error.
I’d tried use Sapphire 2021 and 2022 - some error.

c:\ProgramData\BorisFX\SapphireAE\s_error_log.txt :
Thu Jun 30 11:18:35 2022: SBuild\sapphire-ae\final-em64t\primitives\mem-manager.cxx:897: assertion failed: buffers_in_use.empty()
Thu Jun 30 11:18:35 2022: Error: A Sapphire internal error has occurred. Please save your work soon and restart.

Premiere Pro 2021 have no errors.

UPD: try to render project in AME 2021 and have a blackscreen in preview after ~20min