A simple Counter - not Frames but Kilometers!

I wish to have a Journey Counter that can show just numbers, going from zero to say 5,000, clicking over, but this time for Kilometers or Miles - not fussy.

Anything in Continuum?

Hey Biggrazie,

Title Studio is again your friend here. I’ve attached a project that you can customize.

Just load the attached project, click on the sub-track and select the generators tab - you can customize the look using the controls in this tab.


Countdown.blu.zip (1018 Bytes)

Peter - Thanks for the Speedy response
Erm… PC here, not a MAC. What can you send me?

@biggrazie Hi, I was just curious so I just had a look in Title studio, there’s a few counters,
This is one

The text can be changed, no’ range can be adjusted & the other effects can be turned off, a text with ‘Miles’ could be added & your own choice of filled splines. borders etc…