A way to ensure your track center point starting value?


I used S_Shake and Boris Pan/Zoom to generate some x,y movement on my comp which is a static sequence with jump cuts of a conversion between two people, and once I was happy with the settings, I comp’d my 18 clip sequence with just a still test pattern placed on top, and then the S_Shake and Pan/Zoom adjustment layers above. On the outside of this comp I added Mocha Pro so that I could track the S_Shake and Pan movements, by tracking the movement of still pattern shape. I turned off the actual clip layers for tracking since I was only going to be focused on the test pattern.

The entire sequence is 1400 frames and the test pattern ends up jumping to a different starting location at the beginning of each clip of the sequence because of the S_Shake and Pan/Zoom, but I was wondering is there a way to track the test pattern for the entire 1400 frame sequence in one tracking layer, but have the center point of the tracking data reset to 2048,1080 (the center of my 4K sequence) at the frame where the next framing section starts? Thanks for any help on this :slight_smile:

What you might want to do is track the entire sequence with one layer, then draw a different layer for each part, linking the new layer back to the existing track using “Link to track” in the layer properties. This way you can adjust the new layer while still remaining relative to the linked track.