A way to mask BCC Light Wrap using the alpha of another layer NOT above the light wrap layer?


Could you please let me know if there is a BCC plug-in to use or a way to allow me in After Effects to mask one layer using the alpha of another layer, without the masking layer needing to be directly above the layer to be masked/clipped?

Specifically I’m using the BCC Ligtwrap plug-in on a talent layer, but I want to use a certain layer’s alpha for masking part of the effect, unfortunately I can’t just place that masking layer on top and use an AE blend mode because there’s layers below the talent that I don’t want to be effected by the masking, and i can’t precomp the layers, because of other things I have going on. Thanks for any info on this :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, if you can track that ‘certain layer’s alpha’ in Mocha/PixelChooser you can save the project in File,
then in any effect with Mocha/PixelChooser you can Open Project or Merge Project, …

You can also try using the BCC Make Alpha filter :

(1) apply BCC Make Alpha to the top layer that you wish to use the lower layer alpha on
(2) in the BCC Make Alpha filter, set the source to the lower layer with the alpha channel and set it to use alpha + effects + masks.
(3) in the BCC Make Alpha filter, set the Alpha From channel to Alpha.


Thank you for letting me know.

Great yes this BCC Make Alpha is allowing me to use the existing cutouts for getting the masking, thank you very much.

Hi, I’m guessing from my trials that the BCC Make Alpha as you mentioned doesn’t work in Vegas?

Hi Gid,

So while the BCC Make Alpha Key filter is available in Vegas, it can only pull pixels from the filtered layer so it can’t take alpha from a layer beneath the filtered layer.

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