.abc export

Hi Guys

Was asked to do a test for a job and was told to track eyeballs and shoulder pins etc for a kids tv show and then export the data as an fbx or .abc file.

Couldn’t find any them file types in the export tracking data menus so I tried the camera solve and eventually gave me an option (at 74% accuracy) to fire out an fbx file. The shot was locked off by the way, with just characters moving about. The was another shot of a character too but couldn’t get a result on it.


No idea if this was the right thing to do. Any ideas if there are expoert options for these files for the tracking data?


For locked off shots you’ll need to track a portion of the static background anyway (to obtain the tracking information), then solve for a PTZ shot in the Camera Solve module. You can then export tracking data for any moving object you’ve tracked out to FBX without resolving.

We currently only support FBX, HitFilm comp and AE data files.

Thanks for that.