About copy-pasting in MOCHA PRO

If you copy and paste a mesh-tracked MOCHA effect
When I copy the mesh tracking MOCHA effect, paste it into another material, and render it with [Stabilize:Warp], the tracking data is misaligned.

Is there anything I should be aware of or do when copy-pasting?

In AE, track on precomposed footage where all the attributes are inside the precomp and the footage is trimmed. Make sure any clip you paste onto is precomped the same way.

Alternatively, for any other host make sure your clip is nested in editing software, or simply trimmed to the actual footage length as a rendered clip.

Thank you for your answer!

You mean to set the duration of the source and destination to be the same length, right? I had a vague understanding of this, but I’ll check to see if I missed something.

By the way, are there any changes or problems with the copy-paste position(On timeline)?

Also, if I change the duration after pasting, do I need to re-track the original material?

I’d definitely re-track to avoid problems.

I see! I’ll try it that way.
Thank you very much!