About how to uninstall Silhouette 2023

I have been asked from themr how to uninstall Silhouette 2023 on Linux.

They had the standalone and plug-in versions installed on their machines, and they performed the uninstallation using the following command;
sudo rm -r [silhouette install folder]

However, they want to uninstall standalone only, but if they run the above command, it will also remove install_plugin.sh, etc.


install_dependencies.sh install_plugin.sh install_silhouette.sh license.txt silhouette Silhouette-2023

Do they have to delete entire installation folder to uninstall standalone?

They want to uninstall only standalone on Linux, so please tell me how to uninstall only standalone if there is a standalone and plugin version installed.

To delete the Silhouette plug-in on Linux:

  • cd /opt/BorisFX
  • Type: sudo rm -r SilhouettePlugin
  • cd /usr/OFX/Plugins/BorisFX
  • Type: sudo rm -r Silhouette.ofx.bundle

For the standalone, just type: sudo rm -r [Silhouette InstallFolder]

If the user did not move Silhouette after installing, they can remove the entire install folder. It has nothing to do with the plug-in.

Hi Marco,

If they execute “sudo rm -r [Silhouette InstallFolder]”, the “install_plugin.sh” and other files stored in the “install folder” will also be deleted.

If uninstall standalone, do I have to delete entire installation folder?

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When you run the Silhouette standalone script (install_silhouette.sh), a Silhouette-2023 folder is created in the same directory as the script. If you want to delete the standalone, type: sudo rm -r Silhouette-2023
If you don’t want to keep the contents of the Silhouette download navigate up one directory and delete the silhouette folder that is created when you untar the download.