About "Input" under "Remove module"


I am still doing experiment in “Remove Module” but I don’t know how to use “Input Clip”. When I need to use it? I always got a error message “could not get source image for clip” or “CacheMangaer : inconsistent clips in getSrcImage()” when I click render after input a clip. Cause I am beginner, so I just want to find out the usage clearly.
Is there any tips or video talk about it? Thank you so much.


You don’t really need to worry about the input clip for most removes, by default the input is the shot you imported into Mocha, you just need to use a cleanplate clip IF you need to use a cleanplate.

So leave the input clip as the default and you should be all set.


Ok:blush: Thanks Mary.

Happy to help, if you have any more questions let us know. And be sure to check out the documentation as well! It can be very helpful! Boris FX | Mocha Pro 2019 User Guide