About licensing Title Studio after reinstalling the windows


Hello, I’m using Title Studio. My PC suddenly had a problem, reset it, and re-installed all the programs. However, the license is not activated because it is being used by another PC. Please help! Thank you.

License issues are best handled by opening a Support case since they will need to examine your specific license and account details:

I’m here after installing Continuum and looking for how to license the trial?

Continuum looks like an amazing product, but also being a game / multimedia developer, so I’m someone who usually deactivates all my apps and reinstalls Windows at the end of the year (to remove the files and registry cruft that trial packages, and other uninstallations leave behind).

This topic is very important to me; I wouldn’t want to have any issues of “losing” a license or having to pay extra because I’m reinstalling my operating system at the end of the year.

I rarely change my hardware other than my Graphics card (always NVidia), and perhaps RAM / hard drive additions.)