About remove module(HELP)


i want to remove a static bird from my Vedio,but you know,sometimes mocha pro can’t get enough information from the original Vedio to do this stuff,so i made a cleanplate for it,then it had a issue which said original and fill imagine can’t match,is it something thing wrong with the format of my cleanplate or something else?show me the way,thankyou

i didn’t notice the solution your guys came,now i have seen it,changing the format to PNG will solve it!

OK, let us know how that works for you.


I’m dying trying to get this remove tool to remove a simple wire. Stunt man pulled by black rope which is appearing over his shoulder to top of frame. So I have the BG tracked, and used another layer mask parented to it (to cover the entire bg behind the wire) The wire mask is a 3rd layer on top. I’m getting the program to “remove” but the shoulder of the man smears across the entire removed area? I’ve also made a 4th layer on top of the (wire) layer to subtract his shoulder but to no affect.


Mocha 3.2.2

since typing is hard and also make people confused about what you want , its best you make a video and upload to youtube and post the video here so people can se your issue

Hi John,

Sounds like a roto issue. Roto out the guy for the whole time he crosses your BG shape and that should fix it.


1: track the the man , this means arms legs head all of his body , after u have a good track of him take your time and align all corners as you go frame by frame so the track is perfect , after that , rename this layer to ignored and then set blend mode to subtrack , Now leave this layer on top of any other layers all the time.

2: Now go and create another layer , name it ( rope ) and put this layer below Ignored layer now go ahead track it all , now the man will not interfear with your track.


3: removal , go to remove tab make sure ignored layer is on top , and do the rest , this should fix your problem.

when the remove process starts , the ignored layer will be subtracked only the area you want removed will be removed that man will not give problems.

i tested this method alot times works great if u do it right