About switching Licening

Hello I have 3 machine which I use 1 ad the time, so I downloaded and installed BorisFC Application Manager (Version: When I am not at my main MacBook Pro I want to deactivate the licensing and transfer it to my Mac Studio. But on my Mac Studio when I use the manager I don’t see the licensing of my MacBook Pro (M1 max) so I can’t activate or deactivate the licensing when I am not at the computer (MBP)
How do I solve this problem with the manager.

BTW I looked at the movie on your website about using the manager and they are not the same UI there is no Preference menu (and also not for the mac in the normal place, menu)


The App Manager is a locally run app and is not set up to handle remote licensing. You will need to control the licensing activation locally on each machine.


Thanks for answering but it is not solving the problem, Boris should retink about there LIcening, on 2 machine many of us wil have solved the problem. (Not used together but only 1 in use and when that computer is off you should use them on another ccomputer.

Yep, we do not disagree and this is something that we’re working on.